Video Spin Blaster Pro Review

Video Spin Blaster Pro is part of the BlasterSuite products which can create hundreds of videos for affiliate marketing, local marketing or any other type of marketing on YouTube and if you want to multiply your results, I highly recommend you check out my review on Lingo Blaster.

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I have been using this software for a long time with amazing success!  With that said, I highly recommend you use a new YT account and proxies when using VSB Pro.  Don’t mix this with your main money videos channel.

To show how I use it, here’s a video I made promoting Amazon products.

Video Spin Blaster Pro Review

You can use any affiliate network with Video Spin Blaster.  While this is not intended to be a ste-by-step instructional tutorial on using Video Spin Blaster, it will show you how I use it and possibly guide you in the right direction if you get stuck.

Once again, I suggest you take extra precautions when using any tools like Video Spin Blaster as there are more risks involved.. with that said, there is also more opportunity for increasing your income.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it seems that Amazon is almost always being mentioned.  Buy why?  Commissions for most affiliates are 4%-6% with some going up to 10% and even additional “bounty” fees.  Does this really seem that enticing and worth the effort?

Why Affiliate Marketing With Amazon Just Works

Amazon started their affiliate program back in 1996.  Being the very first to offer an online affiliate program as well as being the largest online retailer you can expect that they know a thing or two about what their doing.

Based on a report from ScrapeHero, as of June 20th, 2017, Amazon has a total of 372,539,860 products for sale with more being added every single day with the top category being in clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 categories:

Total Amazon Products For Sale

With so many products available and so many more being added everyday, an experienced affiliate marketer understands that the options for promoting and earning are endless!

With nearly 400 million products for sale, we also see that Amazon has an astounding number of sales every year.. let’s take a look over the past few years.

Amazon Sales Report for 2014, 2015, and 2016

Amazon Sales Report

Now just imagine taking a fraction of 1% of these sales as an affiliate marketer.  The numbers are astounding even at 4% or 6% commissions.

Earning additional commissions:

So the first year I started promoting products on Amazon, I made a few dollars.. nothing huge.  But when November and December came around, my sales sky-rocketed and here’s why.

When you refer someone to buy a product on Amazon, you will also get commissions for any other products they buy on Amazon within that cookie duration.  When Christmas time comes around, you will find that people tend to make large purchases at once.  I remember seeing my first large sale in November when I was promoting just a small $20 product and the customer also bought a $700 camera and a few other items.

How To Promote Affiliate Products From Amazon

Amazon has quite a few policies and affiliate guidelines that have to be followed when promoting their products as an affiliate marketer.  Most of them are your typical rules, but I highly suggest you read over them.

Also, if you are going to be promoting your products through YouTube, there are more policies and guidelines in which they require.  Many questions about affiliate links within YouTube have remained in a gray area in which an answer has never been 100% for sure.

One video you may find useful in answering some of your questions regarding using affiliate links in YouTube can be found here.

With this said, there are countless videos on YouTube promoting Amazon products as well as other affiliate networks.

Creating Review Videos on YouTube for Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a great video that explains how a blogger is using affiliate links with their YouTube video.

Creating reviews of products on YouTube is getting very popular and is very lucrative!  When you get a new product from Amazon or any other place, make a review video of you un-boxing the item and showing how it works.  Then you can link to the item on Amazon in your video description.

This method of promoting products is how many popular bloggers on YouTube make their living.

Download it now by visiting Video Spin Blaster website here.