Video Robot Review

Visit the official Video Robot sales page here to learn more.

Last week I just happened to run across a website that was promoting a new video marketing product called VideoRobot by Todd Gross and Paul Ponna.

I know these guys are both HUGE in the online marketing industry so I wanted to contact them and see if I could get a early copy so I could provide a VideoRobot review for you all.

After going back and forth, they gave me access to Video Robot and so here’s my review and walk-through of the product.

Video Robot Review

(Watch it on YouTube:

Now comes the real question..

Is Video Robot worth it?

Is is something that you really need to be successful online.

The answer is “No”.. BUT it can make the entire process of building videos much easier and less time consuming especially if you do a lot of local marketing.

Todd Gross and Paul Ponna’s Video Robot works very well when combined with the power of tools like Video Spin Blaster and Mass Video Blaster to dominate videos for local marketing.

Because of tools like VideoRobot and a few others, I create over 5,000 videos a day targeting 5,000 cities for local keywords and taking over entire niches within a matter of a couple weeks.  This method also works with affiliate products.

If you are serious about video marketing and want to increase your results while spending less time, then Video Robot may be just what you need.

You may also be interested in Todd Gross Animation Studio.

Visit the official Video Robot sales page here to learn more.

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