Viddyoze 3.0 Review With Full Demo

I’ve been getting overwhelmed with the variety of video tools coming out lately.   Everything from video creation software and apps to this latest version of Viddyoze 3.0 which I have to say is quite impressive as you will see in the video below.

Here’s the official sales page with more demos: (May 1st)

This is the first version of Viddyoze I have used and love the ease and simplicity of really adding some nice effects, intro’s, outros and logos to new and existing videos.

Watch my Viddyoze Review Video

(or watch it on YouTube:

What Makes Viddyoze 3.0 Different?

Viddyoze is not one of these tools that was quickly put together and will gone tomorrow.  In fact, they now have 80,000 customers that have rendered over 1 million videos since 2015. Not only that, but they designed over 800 unique animation templates with a library that continues to grow every day.

How Does Viddyoze Work?

The process is quite simple actually and requires very little time other than that of searching for the template you want to use.  Also, as a note.. Viddyoze comes with 150 templates.  These templates are nice, but if you want the full potential, I highly suggest you upgrade for $37/month and get over 850+ templates.

Here’s all  you need to do to create a video, animation, logo.. etc.

  1. Select a template
  2. Add your logo or image
  3. Render and download

Are There Viddyoze Upsells or OTO’s?

Yep, and as far as I know, there is just one.  Upgrade for only $37/month (unless it’s changed) and get all the templates as well as all new monthly templates added.  Some of these templates are very impressive as you seen in my video review above.  Others may be a little generic.  Just from creating 2 videos from using Viddyoze I have already got my money back.  I would have paid $50 each to have logos designed by someone of Fiverr but instead done them myself in just a few minutes.

Viddyoze 3.0 Bonus Offer

Buy Viddyoze 3.0 through this link and get the bonuses below.  Unlike most other bonus offers you’ll find, these are not old and outdated.  After purchasing Viddyoze through the link you’ll find the below bonuses added automatically to your account.

BONUS #1 Viking YouTube Marketing Video Series ($97 Value)

In these 4 downloadable videos you will learn about the demand for videos, establishing your YouTube marketing goals, getting started with YouTube and developing a video content strategy.

Video #1 Introduction to YouTube
Video #2 Establishing Your Goals 
Video #3 Getting started on YouTube
Video #4 Content and Optimization Strategy

BONUS # 2 Bullseye Video Traffic Video Series ($197 Value)

Want to know how to do YouTube video marketing?  This 10 video series walk you through all the steps from beginning to end:

Video #1 Introduction to YouTube video traffic
Video #2 YouTube video settings
Video #3 Keyword market research
Video #4 LSI keyword research
Video #5 Edit file and upload video
Video #6 Editing title, description, and tags
Video #7 Transcribing audio
Video #8 Add transcript captions
Video #9 Social signals
Video #10 Social YouTube likes and traffic

BONUS #3 Email List Management Audio Series ($147 Value)

In this 21 audio file series, you’ll learn how to manage your email list to generate a future of happy customers and sustainable income.

Lesson 1: Introduction To Email Marketing
Lesson 2: Autoresponder Comparison & Review
Lesson 3: Top Tools For Creating Landing Pages
Lesson 4: Opt-in Landing Page Tactics
Lesson 5: Email Copywriting
Lesson 6: Subscriber Relationship Building
Lesson 7: Autoresponder Sequence Power
Lesson 8: Landing Page Traffic
Lesson 9: List Monetization Tactics
Lesson 10: List Segmentation
Lesson 11: Getting Inboxed – Your Guide To Email Deliverability
Lesson 12: Email List Maintenance