Tube Charge Review


Tube Charge

As someone who has uploaded several hundred thousand videos on YouTube, I was very excited about this new mass video tool called Tube Charge by Joshua Zamora.

Many of you have showed an interest in mass video rankings.  In other words.. being able to create hundreds of videos from one video and having them uploaded to your YouTube channels resulting in multiple page 1 rankings in Google and top rankings in YouTube.

In this Tube Charge review, I’m going to explain how this product works.. the pro’s and cons as well as comparing it to my Mass Video Course that using a set of different tools to accomplish the same thing (but more time consuming).

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This is a breakdown of the main features that Tube Charge offers.  Each one will be shown in detail in the video review below.

  • Automatically creating DOZENS (or even HUNDREDS) of videos for you at a time.
  • Automatically optimizing DOZENS (or even HUNDREDS) of videos for you at a time.
  • Automatically uploading ALL those videos for you on a DAILY basis, so it ALL looks 100% natural and human-like, which boosts your channels authority!
  • AND even automatically creating video playlists from those videos – 100% hands free”.


It works like this.  You will be able to easily “spin” 1 video into dozens (or even hundreds) of different versions in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

You’ll be able to fill out the optimization template and have the app optimize the videos automatically. Then Tube Charge will automatically upload all those videos through their exclusive drip-feed system so it looks 100% natural.  This is very important as it generated daily activity on your YouTube channel increasing it’s authority. 

And finally, it will automatically create Playlists from ALL those videos to create an INSANE amount of internal link juice and use YouTube’s own authority in your favor.


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Tube Charge OTOTube Charge FE: $34.95 + increases .10 on every sale.  BUY EARLY!

OTO 1: Tube Charge+ $37/month or $47 quarter with $1 trial (Highly recommended)  OTO 1 is the TubeCharge+ (PLUS) level which unlocks A LOT more power and a lot more automation. You’ll be able to increase the number of videos you can spin, the number of videos you can optimize, the number of videos you can upload, AND the number of YT channels you can connect.

OTO 2: 1-CLICK Silo’er $67 one time fee (If you want increased rankings in Google)
With this upsell, you will be able to supercharge your campaigns by unlocking their exclusive Silo’er system (as seen in the video above) so that your campaigns get put through their proprietary link wheel system so that your campaigns get a lot more ranking power especially in Google.  Every seo marketer knows the power of creating link wheels. The more link juice that is passed from one video to another, the stronger your campaigns will be.

OTO 3: DFY Suite Syndication $47 one time fee (If you want increased rankings in Google) 
The DFY Suite is their powerful backlink and syndication platform where you will be able to get MASS video syndication to all of your campaigns and have it all done for you. Social Syndication is the glue that sticks your videos on page 1 of Google and YouTube for the long-term.  It’s the perfect fit so you can complete the entire video ranking circle.

OTO 4: Thumbnail Rocket $37 one time fee (Highly recommended)
We all know that custom Thumbnails drive an insane amount of additional traffic without having to do much additional work. If it comes down to having a custom thumbnail and not having a custom thumbnail, there’s a good chance the video with a custom thumbnail is going to get “the click”.  With Tube Charge you’ll be able to create and upload videos in bulk and with Thumbnail Rocket, you’ll be able to edit the thumbnails of all your videos in bulk.


When you buy Tube Charge through any link on this page, you will also get the bonuses below.

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You’ll learn how to create, rank and make insane commissions from your YouTube videos!

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