TigerWP Theme Review

A new WP theme is being released called TigerWP.  I want to explain to you what this is, how it works, if it’s something you need, and alternatives.

What is TigerWP Theme?

Simply put, it’s a easy way to create an unlimited number of pages for local businesses based on a set of locations you provide.

See the theme and watch a video here: http://www.tigerwp.com

TigerPress allows you to:

  • Create beautiful modern designs for your local business sites
  • Use one click design installs
  • Have all the onpage seo stuff done for you, including images
  • Include local schema markup
  • Create unlimited geo targeted location pages IN ANY LANGUAGE!, each one with unique, url, page title, description, keywords, and content.

Let’s say you want to build a local business WP site for dermatologists located in 3 cities in Ohio.  You would create a set of keywords based on the 3 cities you want to target.

For example:

  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Cincinnati

After adding these keywords, you will get a short-code to enter in your page title and content such as {ohiolocations}.  Your page title would look something like this:

Find The Best Dermatologist in {ohiolocations}, OH

When you click “Publish”, WordPress would automatically create 3 pages that have these titles:

  • Find The Best Dermatologist in Columbus, OH
  • Find The Best Dermatologist in Cleveland, OH
  • Find The Best Dermatologist in Cincinnati, OH

But this is only the beginning.  TigerWP does all the local SEO to the pages giving you an immediate advantage in ranking higher in search engines.

Watch this TigerPress Video Demo

As you can see, this is very powerful for local marketers who want to quickly create local business websites to dominate specific areas.

How Much Does TigerPress Cost?

This is the what I like most about the TigerPress theme.. it only costs $27 and includes 3 local WP themes.  Now, with that said, there are also 3 OTO’s or upsell offers to compliment TigerPress that range from $1 to $47.

Here’s the up-sells and down-sells

  • OTO 1 Product – Expansion Pack + Local Seo Engine Plugin Version
  • Downsell 1 – Reduced Expansion Pack
  • OTO 2 – Themes White Label Option
  • OTO 3 – TigerPress Theme Club $1 First Month Then $27 Recurring

For local marketers, TigerWP would be a nice addition to your WP themes and can save you lots of time on building your sites out as well as getting them ranked locally due to the included schema markup.


Over the past couple years, I have seen and used many different WordPress themes and plugins that create multiple pages at once for use locally or even with affiliate sites.  Some of my local sites are close to 100k pages and rank in every state with thousands of visitors a month.

Depending on how big you want to grow and how much you want to learn, TigerWP may be the perfect choice for you.

If you’re looking for something more advanced but will require more time to learn and master, I recommend what I use for all my mass page local and affiliate sites.



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