Recommended Tools

The majority of my business is based on video marketing for affiliate offers and local businesses.  Creating, editing, uploading and managing videos can be very time consuming so I was forced to find methods that would allow me to be more efficient with my business if I wanted it to continue to grow.

Over the past few years, I have created and uploaded thousands of videos with the help of the tools below.  I’ve create reviews for some of these products which you can find in the links below.  If your goal is the build a video marketing empire, then I highly recommend these tools.  Note that many of the tools on this page are free to use and some include my affiliate link.

YouTube Marketing Tools List

Keyword Researcher – I get most of my keywords from using 2 two tools.  The first and most important is Keyword Researcher.  You can download it free here with limited restrictions.  I suggest you buy the full version.. it’s cheap.  The second is a free online keyword suggest tool called Answer The Public.

Ghost Browser – The ultimate browser for managing social accounts.  It’s free and can be downloaded from here, but I recommend you upgrade for $15/month and get access to the multi-proxy options.  This allows you to assign a different proxy to each tab giving you the ability to have multiple YouTube accounts open and running at the same time 🙂

Spin Rewriter – The only tool you will need for spinning your content for mass video uploads.  I use Spin Rewriter not only for mass video uploads, but also for mass web sites.  It’s fast, creates decent content (that I get from Ezinearticles), can auto post to your blogs and more.  Pricing changes and they often offer free trials.  Check this page for the latest specials.

Video Spin Blaster Pro: My favorite video spinning and video cloning software to create hundreds or thousands of unique videos.  Watch my video review on Video Spin Blaster Pro or visit their official website here.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro: This tool is incredible for finding keywords and creating content for your videos.  It can also show you the competition for your keywords and competitors and much more.  Watch my video review here or visit their official website here.

Mass Video Blaster Pro: Although there is a little learning curve to this software, it has allowed me to multiply my efforts many times over.  Mass Video Blaster Pro allows you to manage your YouTube accounts, mass uploads, and manage your YouTube videos and statistics.  You can visit their official website here.

Snappa – I used to use PhotoShop to make all my thumbnails and graphics but Snappa has made this process much easier and more affordable.  I done a review here making YouTube thumbnails or you can sign up for a free account on this page.

Blazing Proxies – The only proxies I use are from BlazingSEO.  I highly suggest you use dedicated proxies for best reliability.  You can view their pricing on this page.

ProRankTracker – This is the most affordable and best YouTube rank tracking tool you will find.  You can track your YouTube videos on YouTube and Google with ease.  There are many options including local tracking and even sharing your reports with clients through their app.  You can view all the features and sign up by visiting this page.

Delim – A tool that has made life much easier for me when creating tags for videos.  Just paste your list of keywords and press the arrow to convert them into a comma separated list.  Check it out here.


City Population – This is a bit sneaky, but works great.  Visit this website and in the URL, replace “Ohio” with the name of any U.S. state to view it’s cities population.  It’s free too.

City Radius Search – Another free local tool that can be accessed here. Enter any zip code and select the radius to get a list of all the cities and towns in that area.  Use the filters to fine tune your results.

Prefix/Suffix – There’s many uses for this online tool, but I use it for mass local marketing.  Paste a list of several hundred cities then add your prefix and/or suffix keywords.  This is another free online tool found here.


I buy hundreds of domains.  Most of them I use to do a 301 redirect for my affiliate offers using a more professional and short URL.  I buy my domains from two places because they are cheaper and both places also provide free whois privacy protection.

Domain Search – I go here every time I try to come up with a new domain name.  Just enter a keyword or phrase and it’ll give you lots of available choices to choose from.  Try searching here.

NameCheap – NameCheap is well recognized by most who buy domains.  They are cheap and first year of domain protection is covered.  Check for their latest offers here.

NameSilo – NameSilo has become one of my favorite places to buy domains.  Sometimes they are cheaper than NameCheap and they also provide free whois protection.  They also have a great domain manager that makes managing all my domains much easier.  Check out their prices here.