Lingo Blaster Review

In this Lingoblaster review, I’ll be going over some details of this product and show you how it works. You’ll also see some of my affiliate product sales I’ve made recently from using this technique to rank YouTube videos in other languages.

Lingo Blaster has been updated to now provide even more translations per video!  This tool is a must have if you want your video in front of more than English speaking people.

Product: Lingo Blaster
Creators: Ali G., Stoica, & Vlad
Price: $27 + optional upsells
Official Website:

What is Lingo Blaster?

Lingo Blaster is a new software tool from Vlad, Stoica, and Ali G who are well known for their BlasterSuite products that help me to earn a massive income online.. I’ll talk more about that shortly 🙂

Let’s say you do affiliate marketing and you find an amazing product or software tool that is available for purchase anywhere in the world.  So you create a professional video using Content Samurai (7 day trial) or even Spin Blaster Pro using images and you get it uploaded to YouTube account.

Great.. oh but wait.  How are the people in these other countries going to find your video when searching on YouTube when it’s not in their language?  Most likely they won’t ever see it.

This is where Lingo Blaster does it’s thing.  It will transcribe your videos title, description, and tags into over 100 different languages allowing it to rank and be found in these other countries resulting in traffic increases of over 1,000% and many more sales.

Of course this won’t change your actual video into other languages, but as long as you have your affiliate link for them to click on, you’re going to see a lot of additional sales.  

So take one video and transcribe it in other languages.  This way your video will show up in searches that are non-English.

Proof of Affiliate Sales

When you translate your video into other languages, it will start showing up all across the world in YouTube!  Here are a few screenshots of foreign affiliate sales just from one product I promote over the past 2 weeks.  Notice the currency of each sale! I would be missing out on MANY sales every week if it was not from Lingo Blaster.

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Why Does Lingo Blaster Work?

If you go to YouTube to search for reviews on.. let’s say.. Lingo Blaster 🙂  then the majority of the videos you see are in your language.  Obviously, YouTube wants to show you the videos in the same language as you and it does this based primarily on the language of the videos title, description, and tags.

Lingo Blaster will translate your video content into 100 different languages so when someone in France (or any other country) is searching for Lingo Blaster, there’s a good chance your video will now show up because there’s not a version with French content.

Lingo Blaster Video Review & Demo

Here’s a video I made showing you how Lingo Blaster works

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Lingo Blaster Bonus

If you buy Lingo Blaster through this link, I will schedule a time to get on a call with you for 15 minutes to go over some tips and optimization strategies to help your video rank better.

After you purchase, you’ll get a bonus link from me explaining how to schedule your call.

Thanks again for checking out my Lingo Blaster review.