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It’s rare to find a deal like this so I had to do a review and explain a little about what this nifty tool does.  

This is a product called EverGreen Webinar Plugin and is made for WordPress.  The best part.. you can pick it up below  for just $10.99 (if still available).  And for just $8 more, you can get unlimited site use!

Buy it here:  http://www.evergreenwebinarplugin.com

What is EverGreen Webinar Plugin?

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a webinar on your site that will repeat over and over again for your visitors.  So instead of you doing a LIVE webinar every few days for your product or promo, you can now just create 1 video and let it play over and over automatically based on the settings within WordPress.

Evergreen Webinar Plugin >>

– Automated Webinar Replays on Your OWN Website
– Unlimited Attendees
– Automated Scheduling Loop

With just a couple of clicks from your WordPress Admin you can now create your own automated webinar loop and
revolutionize your prospecting and sales.

Here’s How It Works:
A. Person lands on your website, and an opt-in form with a countdown timer shows up.

B. After opt-in in, they are forwarded to a welcome page (which you can fully customise). It will count down to the
start date, and start the webinar.

Everything is automated, so you do not actually have to be there to do any of it.  Set and forget. 😀

C. Attendees are added to your back office, as well as subscribed to an autoresponder of your choosing.

Super simple, and a crazy powerful marketing strategy that will work in any market with any target audience.

And that’s it!  Pick it up here if still available: http://www.evergreenwebinarplugin.com