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EZ Magic Video

Thanks for checking out my EZ Magic Video review.  On this page, you’re going to get complete details on EZ Magic Video including a video tour, details on ALL the upsells and my exclusive bonus package.

EZ Magic Video is now available for purchase on their official website.  Today only, prices will be discounted then it will go to normal pricing on 5/16/2018.

EZ Magic Video is the latest and more advanced product by Todd Gross followed his most recent Video Robot and his newest Animation Studio software.

Product: EZ Magic Video
Price: $27-$37 With Upsells
Creator: Todd Gross
Available: 5/14/2018 during webinar ($24.95 during webinar!)
One Day Discount on 5/15/2018 ($27)
Official Website:  http://www.ezmagicvideo.com

EZ Magic Video Summary

In this EZ Magic Video review, I’m going to try to cover most of the details including upsells.  

This video app gives you the ability to create professional videos using real spokespersons by choosing from thousands of spokesperson lines built-in to the software.  This makes it very easy for even a beginner to create their own video to promote a product, service, or anything else.

There’s a total of 5 spokespersons on the initial product purchase and you can get 2 more when you upgrade.  There are thousands of lines of speech to select from for the spokespersons so they will say exactly what you need them to say to promote your product, service.. etc.

The initial product comes with 60 backgrounds and 60 music tracks to choose from.  If you upgrade, you’ll get an additional 60 backgrounds and another 40 music tracks.

It also has some very good HD training videos to walk you step by step through creating your videos.

Those who will benefit from EZ Magic Video the most are online marketers such as affiliate marketers, product owners, and local business marketers.  Honestly, I think if you are in the business for promoting local businesses, this is huge (see why here).  This is an easy way to create a video for your local business client within a couple minutes to really show off your expertise!

For affiliate marketers or product owners, if you don’t want to be seen on camera this is the perfect alternative to use a live spokesperson other than yourself.

EZ Magic Video Demos

Here are 2 demos that were created using EZ Magic Video. 

Affiliate Marketing Demo Video

Locksmith Demo Video

What really makes EZ Magic Video stand out is it’s ease of use.  A few simple point and clicks and you can have a really nice video.  

Here’s a EZ Magic Video demo and tutorial of the member’s area.  I recorded this review several days before the launch and not quite everything was completed so when you buy EZ Magic Video and login to the members area, you’ll notice more than what’s in the video.

EZ Magic Video Tour

Play Video

EZ Magic Video Upsells and OTO's

As with all these products, there will be a few upsells that I’ll go over.  I don’t know every little detail, but this should give you a better idea of what to expect before you buy EZ Magic Video.

Upsell #1: EZ Magic Video Deluxe ($47 one-time) Get an additional 60 backgrounds, 60 audio tracks, 2,000 extra scripts and 2 more spokespersons.

Upsell #2: EZ Magic Video Agency ($67 one-time) Get your own video agency website already to go with demo videos, shopping cart, WYSIWYG editor, opt-in form, autoresponder, Paypal integration and more. Also includes an extra 1,000 script clips for selling SEO services.

Upsell #3: EZ Magic Video Local ($67 one-time) Unlocks 12 additional local markets (niches) you can go into for your spokesperson (see details here). Includes over 2,000 local spokesperson clips.

Upsell #4: EZ Magic Video Club ($19.95/month) Get an additional 650 clips a month plus new spokespersons, backgrounds, music, features and more! I highly recommend you get this upgrade. It will make the entire purchase well worth it as it will expand in size every month allowing you more options for video creation.

What I Don't Like

While the upsells are optional, I feel they are important for maximum use of EZ Magic Video.  It would be great if they would combine the additional features of Upsell #1 and Upsell #2 with the initial product and just charge $97.

What I Do Like

The ease and simplicity of creating your own video without having to buy it from FiverrUpwork or some other source is amazing!  For years, this is what I done to have video just like these made and it would cost about $50 for each one plus 2-5 days.  Now, you can get one created in about 10 minutes exactly the way you want it.  

Click the green button to visit the official website for EZ Magic Video where you can learn more about it or buy now.  When you buy EZ Magic video from this page, you get all the bonuses below!

After purchase, you will be given a link to watch all the following videos online.  If you don’t receive the link in your account, send me a message with your transaction number and I’ll email it to you 🙂

BONUS #1 Viking YouTube Marketing Video Series ($97 Value)

In these 4 downloadable videos you will learn about the demand for videos, establishing your YouTube marketing goals, getting started with YouTube and developing a video content strategy.

Video #1 Introduction to YouTube
Video #2 Establishing Your Goals 
Video #3 Getting started on YouTube
Video #4 Content and Optimization Strategy

BONUS # 2 Bullseye Video Traffic Video Series ($197 Value)

Want to know how to do YouTube video marketing?  This 10 video series walk you through all the steps from beginning to end:

Video #1 Introduction to YouTube video traffic
Video #2 YouTube video settings
Video #3 Keyword market research
Video #4 LSI keyword research
Video #5 Edit file and upload video
Video #6 Editing title, description, and tags
Video #7 Transcribing audio
Video #8 Add transcript captions
Video #9 Social signals
Video #10 Social YouTube likes and traffic

BONUS #3 Email List Management Audio Series ($147 Value)

In this 21 audio file series, you’ll learn how to manage your email list to generate a future of happy customers and sustainable income.

Lesson 1: Introduction To Email Marketing
Lesson 2: Autoresponder Comparison & Review
Lesson 3: Top Tools For Creating Landing Pages
Lesson 4: Opt-in Landing Page Tactics
Lesson 5: Email Copywriting
Lesson 6: Subscriber Relationship Building
Lesson 7: Autoresponder Sequence Power
Lesson 8: Landing Page Traffic
Lesson 9: List Monetization Tactics
Lesson 10: List Segmentation
Lesson 11: Getting Inboxed – Your Guide To Email Deliverability
Lesson 12: Email List Maintenance

BONUS #4 Video Enhancement Package ($297 Value)

These additional bonuses will REALLY enhance your videos!  They will show up in the “Bonuses” section of your EZ Magic Video account.

EZ Magic Video Bonuses

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