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Azon Video Maker is an impressive online tool that allows you to create videos of Amazon products simply by searching for a product and clicking on it.  But it is effective and will creating these types of videos help you to earn affiliate commissions?  Watch the video above to learn more and see a full demo.

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What is Azon Video Maker?

Amazon is probably the best ecommerce site in the world that pays its affiliates millions of dollars each year. Many large companies run their entire business as an amazon affiliate.

But getting traffic to your site is still the #1 problem and every affiliate struggles with getting top google rankings for their sites to get more and more traffic.  Now what if you did not have to rank on Google to get traffic?

Did you know that YouTube is now the largest search engine with maximum sticky users spending hours every day on the site?  This is why I’ve made YouTube my number 1 source for generating traffic and affiliate marketing.

Video content instead of website content is more popular and making affiliate videos is the next big thing for you to earn more and more commissions.

Unfortunately making videos can be a daunting task. Here’s where Azon Video Maker can help automate the process without extra tools and time.  Azon Video Maker is a fully web based software that creates Amazon affiliate videos in just a couple clicks and automatically uploads it to your YouTube account in a few minutes, no technical skills, no video editing and no actual video making required.

Azon Video Maker Features

  • Create Amazon Videos in just 1-Click.
  • Find Products on Amazon & Turn them into videos in under 2 minutes.
  • Search by category, niche, top-sellers etc.
  • Automatically grab images from Amazon
  • Get Title/Description from Amazon
  • Automatically add Voice using Text to Voice
  • Works in 7 different languages for voice
  • Integrates with the best spinners to spin your content
  • Automatically generates TAGS for your youtube video
  • Upload to Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion in 1-Click
  • Add your affiliate links to all uploaded videos automatically
  • Automatically share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Medium etc.
  • Automatically Shorten amazon affiliate links and add to descriptions.
  • Use 100s of Fonts for your Videos, BG Color etc
  • Use 14 different voices for your Videos
  • Select from 2000 music tracks for your videos.

Azon Video Maker Pro Features

  • Includes all the Front End features PLUS all the following features…

    • Video Maker PRO creates videos from ANY content, any niche, any topic. Just copy, paste and create a video in seconds.
    • Create Videos from Any Keyword in just 1 Click
    • Create Videos from News Articles – turn any news into a video & put your website on it.
    • Create videos for Ebay Products
    • Create videos for Aliexpress Products
    • Create a Video from Any Website – Web2Video
    • Create a Video from any Blog Post – Blog2Video
    • Add Branding – Your logo in all the videos
    • Add intro / outro graphics to the video
    • Use Voiceover for your videos.
    • AutoShuffle Video Makes videos automatically, create 20 different videos using the same video
    • Automatically add affiliate links to videos from Clickbank, Gearbest, Bestbuy, Envato, Walmart
    • Automatically get content for your videos from Article Directories, Etsy, EZine Articles, News Sites, Social sites (twitter, pinterest), Wikipedia
    • Upload to Multiple Youtube Accounts in 1-Click

Azon Video Maker Upsells and OTO's

Azon Video Maker Bonus

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