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Todd Gross AnimationStudio

Believe it or not, Todd Gross and Paul Ponna is releasing yet another video creation tool.  This time it’s called AnimationStudio.  Is it worth buying and how is it different from their other video apps like EZ Video Magic and Video Robot? 

I’ll explain it all and give you alternative recommendations for similar video editing and creation tools you may find just as useful.


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Why Another Video App? I'm Going INSANE!

You’ve probably already found many Animation Studio reviews praising this app and giving away 2-3 year old bonuses if you buy through their links.. am I right?  

Well, this review is going to be a bit different.  If you do animated videos then this may be for you, but there’s alternatives that have been around for a long time that don’t require you to buy multiple up-sells to get the most out of the product.  

First let me explain to you what Todd Gross’s Animation Studio is and who may benefit from it.  AnimationStudio is a web based app that gives you the ability to customize your own animated video with lots of templates, graphics and audio or your own content.

You can add text, music, images, watermarks and more while creating and rendering an unlimited amount of videos.  You can also translate your video scripts into any language with just one click which I found to be quite impressive.

Todd Gross and Paul Ponna decided to include the commercial license in the initial purchase of AnimationStudio instead of offering it as an upsell as they have in the past with previous products.

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Is Animation Studio Worth Buying?

Ever have that feeling of “Why did I buy this?”  Most people have especially with marketing products.  Don’t get me wrong.. there are a few marketers that actually try to create great products and brands that serve people well. 

The majority of products you find being sold through JVZoo, Clickbank and other marketing platforms only exist for a short time before the website is gone and you never hear of them again.

So what about AnimationStudio?  Here’s the thing.. the product itself is going to cost you $37-$47 and comes with commercial license which is great.  If you want to upgrade to the Studio Deluxe, it’s going to cost you $44 more dollars.  If you want to upgrade to the Animation Studio Agency version.. another $67, add the Video Traffic Machine for $37 and while you’re at it you can subscribe the AnimationStudio templates club for $24/month.

So that makes everything costing you roughly.. $195 + $24/month.  That’s a lot of money.. BUT you can make some SERIOUS money using this tool.

You can combine it with this video tool and have a complete kit to create both animated and professional videos of all types!

If you do a lot of animated videos, then Animation Studio can be very well worth it.  If you do YouTube marketing for yourself as an affiliate marketer or for clients then you can make a killing with animated videos.  

If you know how to do YouTube SEO and rank YouTube videos like this then you can start your own business.  

In fact, there are lots of people on selling gigs for animated videos that sell over $500 each!  Look at some of these I just now searched for that are selling for $600, $1,200 and more!  

Is Animation Studio Easy To Use?

I think Todd Gross and Paul Ponna have learned a lot from their previous launches and each time their products get better and easier to use. 

With that said, this is an animation video creation tool so don’t expect to buy it then be able to create a custom professional video in 5 minutes.  It’s going to take you an hour or so to get the hang of how it works and using the various animations and features to get them timed the way you want them.

Of course you can always use one of the pre-made animation templates and just customize it to make it faster and easier.  

Here’s a view of the Animation Studio dashboard after selecting one of the pre-made templates.  Don’t get too intimidated with everything on the screen.

It’s actually layed out pretty well.  The icons on the left side #1 are where you select the pre-made templates, animation clips and graphics, add text, images, audio and watermarks.

Next is the column #2 that shows all the animations, pre-made animations, and options when you select an icon on #1.  Next is your work area #3.  This is where you put together your animation video and time it using the timeline #4.  Last is the column on the right side #5 that shows you the slides you have in your animation.  Each slide can have a unique background and set of animated images to make your video animation easier to manage.

Who is Todd Gross & Paul Ponna?

I’m not going into details about these guys.  Both Todd Gross and Paul Ponna have been in the business of creating and selling products for years.  I will admit that they’ve created some products in the past I wasn’t crazy about but lately they have really stepped up their game providing some impressive tools like Animation Studio.

They create tools that last so when you buy Animation Studio, you can count on it being a long-term tool you can use for years to come in growing your own business.

Animation Studio Upsells

Sometimes the pricing changes, but from what I know, if you want Animation Studio discounted, you will need to buy during pre-launch while it’s $37.  Afterwards it will be $47.  

Animation Studio With Commercial License $37 -$47

This is your base cost for Animation Studio and comes with a commercial license.

Animation Studio Deluxe $44

Need more templates and animations?  Upgrade to the Animation Studio Deluxe for a one time fee of $44.

Animation Studio Agency $67

Upgrade to Animation Studio Agency and get more features such as the ability to have sub-accounts.

Video Traffic Machine App $37

Get more traffic to your video with the Video Traffic Machine.

Animation Studio Templates Club $24/Month

This is a no-brainer.  For just $24/month you can get access to new templates and animations to grow your collection.

Animation Studio Bonuses

Get all these amazing bonuses when you buy Animation Studio today.  These are limited time bonuses and will be available in your account immediately after you purchase.

Animation Studio Bonuses

You may have found an ad on Facebook from Animation Studio.  This is a legitimate site, but the official sales page for Animation Studio can be found at: